Racial Capitalism and the Making of a Global Jim Crow

by Madalisto Zililo Phiri

This project is animated by two questions. First, how do people who are colonially produced as Africans through the violence of colonial modernity constitute the social and political? Second, how do epistemologies of radical pan-Africanists such as W.E.B Du Bois and Kwame Nkrumah aid in the dismantling of a Global Jim Crow toward the realisation of a post-imperial world order? European racism created an avatar of its civilisation, the nation-state and a racially hierarchical political economy. These practices solidified a juridical Global Jim Crow predicated on curtailing African freedom struggles as well as anti-black racism. Against the totalising idea of the “European Man”, my project recasts the imaginations of a “new African human” to transcend the global racial polity that has been preserved in a contemporary hierarchical capitalist political economy.